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RIHS Theme for 2012: Rhode Island at War



Photograph, Captain Alonzo Williams standing next to horse carrying Lt. Nadeau, Rhode Island Historical Society Collections [RHi X17 420]


This year has many anniversaries, from the 200th of the War of 1812 to the 150th of the Civil War.  But, this is a time to talk about everything from Colonial Wars to the Dorr Rebellion to the War on Poverty and the anti-war movement.  What did and does war mean to Rhode Island?


The following events at RIHS help to explore this important question. Please check back frequently as new events will be added throughout the year, or join our email list to stay in touch.


In conjunction with our 2012 theme of Rhode Island at War, the RIHS is proud to partner with Blue Star Families and the National Endowment for the Arts to bring Blue Star Museums to Rhode Island. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, active duty military personnel and their families will be admitted free to the Museum of Work and Culture and the John Brown House Museum. Thank you to all Rhode Islanders fighting for our freedom.


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2/12 - Ranger Talks: Paul Bourget, "Civil War Sanitary Commission"

2/26 - Ranger Talks: Sarah Zurier, "Green Zones: Rhode Islanders Garden in Wartime"



3/11 - Ranger Talks: Ranger Kevin Klyberg, "R.I. and the War of 1812"
3/15 - Gallery Night: Christian McBurney, "The Rhode Island Campaign: The First French-American Operation of the Revolutionary War"

3/21 - Library Talk: Elizabeth Stevens, "Conscientious Convictions: A Rhode Island Abolitionist Family and the Civil War"

3/24 - Alexander "Sam" Aldrich, "Dancing with the Queen, Marching with King"

3/25 - At the Museum of Work & Culture, "Salute to Spring" (Featuring songstress Josée Vachon and a play titled “1917” about a French Canadian family during World War I)



4/5 - Amanda Hoskins, "Sacrifice for Freedom: A World War II Heritage Project
4/14 - Personally Providence Walking Tours: North Burial Ground

4/17 - Goff Lecture: Prof. Jason Opal, "The People's Great Avenger: Andrew Jackson, Borderlands Warfare, and the Nature of Nationalism in Post-Revolutionary Rhode Island"

4/19 - Gallery Night: Francis Leazes, "A Rhode Islander’s Road to the Alamo"



5/10 - Patti Cassidy, "The Secret Life of War Memorials" (Part 1)
5/17 - Gallery Night: Thomas Morrissey, "Civil War Photography"
5/23 - Walking Tour: "The Secret Life of War Memorials" (Part 2)



6/21 - Gallery Night: Gabriel Loiacano, "William Fales, the Dorr War, and the Image and Reality of Paupers in Mid-Nineteenth Century Rhode Island"



8/11 - Antietam National Battlefield Presents Rhode Island Day



9/20 - Gallery Night: Roberta Mudge Humble, "The Historic Armories of Rhode Island"



10/13 - What Cheer Day 2012

10/18 - Gallery Night: Janet Uhlar, "Freedom’s Cost: The Story of General Nathanael Greene"

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